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Thank you for everything you do to nurture, engage, and support our children!

We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound impact on children and families everywhere, and we believe that we can help kids learn to better manage stress, build positive confidence and learn to self-regulate by introducing them to mindfulness practices.

To support you this school year, we have created a digital toolkit that you can use to seamlessly incorporate mindfulness into your social-emotional learning curriculum. Fill out this short form to access the toolkit 

The Mindful Moments Virtual Toolkit includes the following digitally formatted items:

  • Easy-to-follow guided exercises that introduce kids to mindfulness in a fun and interactive way
  • Affirmations that promote positive self-talk, while building confidence and compassion
  • Mindful Tips to support teachers introduce mindfulness to their students

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Mindful Moments exercises and activities translate the principles of mindfulness and self-regulation skills into a delightful set of practices geared to young children and their families or classrooms. This program offers child-friendly practices that build on children's innate observation skills, imagination and capacity for care and kindness. As adults practice alongside the child, they too benefit from the focus on a variety of practices and skills that contribute to everyone's well-being. Bravo!”
~ Maureen Shannon-Chapple, Mindfulness Teacher, InsightLA, Mindful USC
Mindful Moments offers young kids and families a chance to explore and cultivate compassion and connection in fun, creative ways with the moment, themselves and those around them.”
~ Dr. Christopher Willard, Mindfulness Author and Harvard Medical School faculty
“With charming illustrations, and profound affirmations and questions, Mindful Moments delivers a beautiful concept from beginning to end for the youngest mindfulness practitioners or those wanting to try it out. Sure to delight, inspire, and illuminate children and parents alike!”
~ Diana Winston, Director of Mindfulness Education, UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center and author of The Little Book of Being
“I wish I had this kit when I was raising my kids! A great way to create positive confidence using mindfulness.”
~ Dr. Swati Desai, International Mindfulness Instructor and Founder of 2Meditate